Windows Filtering Platform Blocked Logon With Event ID 5157. Easy Solution To Fix

Windows Filtering Platform Blocked Logon With Event ID 5157. Easy Solution To Fix

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    Today’s user guide was created to help you when you receive the error “Windows Filtering Platform blocked logon event ID 5157”. Event ID 5157 – The Windows Filtering Platform blocked a hyperlink. Windows logs event 5157 whenever WFP blocks a connection between your own program and a process. This whole other process can be on a specific computer or on a remote computer.

  • 4 minutes playback
  • Subcategory: Filtering platform login audit

    Event description:

    This will generate an event when Windows Filtering Platform blocks the connection.

    What is filtering platform packet drop?

    Audit Filtering Platform Packet Drop determines whether the native operating system generates audit events due to packet drops by our proprietary Windows Filtering Platform. A high level of lost packets may indicate frequent unauthorized access attempts to computers on our network.

    Note. For Security stories, see monitoring recommendations for this event type.

    Event XML:

    windows filtering platform has blocked a connection event id 5157

    - -   5157 1 0 12810 0 0x8010000000000000   304390   Security DC01.contoso. local  -  4556 deviceharddiskvolume2documentslistener. exe %%14592 3333 Name="DestAddress">10  49218 6 110398 %%14610 44 S-1-0-0 s-1-0-0  

    Required server roles: none.

    Minimum version of Windows OS: Server 2008, Windows Vista.

    Event version: 0.

    Field descriptions:

    What is event ID 5157?

    5157 The Windows Filtering Platform blocked the connection. This event documents each time WFP creates a program to connect to many other processes (on the same machine or on a very remote machine) on a TCP or UDP port.

    Application info:

  • What is the Windows Filtering Platform blocked a packet?

    This event generates whenever your Windows Filtering Platform blocks an online circle package. This event is generated for building each network packet received. Note. For guidance on this event, see Best Practices for Monitoring Security. Required server roles: none.

    Process ID [Type = Pointer]: The hexadecimal ID of the process that tried to connect. The process ID (PID) is a number used by precise system operations to uniquely identify a wonderful active process. Look at the PID of a specific process which you can easily useFor example, in the task manager (tab “Details”, column PID):

    If you convert a larger hexadecimal value to decimal, compare it to Task Manager values.

    You can also map this dedicated process ID to the process ID in other events, such as “4688: A new process was created with the parameter ‘Process InformationNew Process ID'”.

  • Application Name [Type = UnicodeString]: full path and any executable name for the whole process.

    The logical volume is displayed in the format deviceharddiskvolume#. The Diskpart feature allows you to get all volumes arranged by number. The command to get the number of volumes using Diskpart is “List Volumes”:

  • Network Information:

  • windows filtering platform has blocked a connection event id 5157

    Direction [Type = UnicodeString]: the direction of the broken connection.

  • Incoming – for incoming connections.

  • Outgoing refers to unrelated connections.

  • Source address [type – local Unicode string]: The IP address through which the application received the connection.

  • IPv4 address

  • IPv6 address

  • ::- all IP addresses in IPv6 format

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  • – all IP addresses in the format

  • 127 ipv4.0.0.1 , – ::1 localhost

  • Source Port [Type = UnicodeString]: value of the port on which the application received the full connection.

  • Destination Address [Type = UnicodeString]: combat IP address from which the connection was received, alternatively initiated.

  • IPv4 address

  • IPv6 address

  • ::- all IP addresses in IPv6 format

  • – some IP addresses in the format

  • 127 ipv4.0.0.1 , ::1 – localhost

  • Destination port implies [UnicodeString type]: the port number owned by the remote computer before the connection was established.

  • Protocol [Type = UInt32]: number of ways this protocol can be used.

  • Service Journal number

    Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) 1 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 6 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) 17 General Routing Encapsulation (PPTP data over GRE) 47 Authentication header IPSec (AH) 51 IPSec Secure Payload (ESP) Encapsulation 50 External Gateway Protocol (EGP) 8 Gateway Gateway Protocol (GGP) 3 Host Monitoring Protocol (HMP) 20 Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) 88 With remote virtual disk (RVD) 66 OSPF: open shortest path first 89 Universal Packet Protocol (PUP) fleet 12 Reliable Datagram Protocol (RDP) 27 Redundancy Protocol (RSVP) QoS 46

    Filter info:

  • Filter start ID [Type = UInt64]: unique ID of the filter that blocked the connection.

    To search by ID for a specific Windows filtering platform that you are protected from, run the following command line: netsh wfp showfilters. As a result of executing this command, an arbitrary “filters.xml” file is created. Open this single file and look for a specific substring with the required filter id () to find an example:

  • Layer [Type name = UnicodeString]: Application layer application Layer name. Runtime

  • Level ID [Type = UInt64]: Windows Filtering Platform Addressing ID. To find a different Windows Filtering Platform Level ID, run the following command: netsh wfp delivery state. These instructions create a wfpstate.xml file. Open this file and find the exact substring containing the required layer ID (), for example:

  • Security Monitoring Tips

    For 5157(f): The Windows Filtering Platform blocked this connection.

  • If you have a predefined product that should be used to perform the specified operation due to this event, look for events in the Application section that do not match the application you have developed.

  • You can keep track of whether “Application” is in the default file program (for example, not in System32, and these can be files) or in a trusted restricted folder (for example, temporary Internet files).

  • If you have a predefinedGiven a set of substrings or forbidden words in application names (for example, “mimikatz”, also known as “cain.exe”), look for substrings in them. “App” strings.

  • Make sure “Source of this address” is one of the addresses assigned to the computer.

  • If your computer or device doesn’t need access to the Internet, or only contains applications that don’t have a precise connection to the Internet, watch for events 5157 where “destination address”. € is indeed an IP address from the Internet (no private IP address ranges).

  • If anyone knows that a computer should securely bind to certain network IP addresses or should never automatically bind, please list those addresses in the “Destination Address” section.

  • If you have a whitelist associated with IP addresses that the computer and device expect to contact or need to contact, monitor the “Destination in Address” listed for IP addresses that are not in the available list.

  • If you need to keep track of all new incoming connections to a specific local location, you canWatch port for

    How do I turn off Windows Filtering Platform?

    Try disabling it again in Group Policy: under “Computer Configuration” -> “Policies” -> “Configuration Settings”Windows Applications” -> “Security Settings” -> “Advanced Scan Policy Configuration”.

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    Windows 필터링 플랫폼이 인시던트 ID 5157로 로그온을 차단했습니다. 수정에 도움이 되는 간편한 솔루션
    La Piattaforma Di Filtraggio Di Windows Ha Bloccato L’accesso Con ID Argomento 5157. Soluzione Semplice Che Si Risolverebbe
    Die Windows-Filterplattform Hat Die Anmeldung Mit Der Ereignis-ID 5157 Blockiert. Einfache Lösung Zum Beheben
    Windows Filtering Platform Blockerade Inloggning Till Händelse-ID 5157. Enkel Lösning För Fix
    Inicio De Sesión Lento O Detenido De La Plataforma De Filtrado De Windows Con ID De Evento 5157. Solución Fácil De Solucionar
    Платформа фильтрации Windows заблокировала вход в систему с идентификатором события 5157. Простое решение
    La Plate-forme De Filtrage Windows A Bloqué La Connexion Avec L’ID D’événement 5157. Solution Facile à Corriger
    Logon Bloqueado Do Windows Filtering Platform Consistindo No ID De Evento 5157. Solução Fácil De Corrigir
    Windows Filtering Platform Zablokowała Logowanie Z Identyfikatorem Zdarzenia 5157. Łatwe Rozwiązanie Do Naprawy
    Windows Filtering Platform Blokkeerde Login Met Gebeurtenis-ID 5157. Eenvoudig Beter Op Te Lossen

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