VirtueMart Credit Card Number Not Found? Fix It Immediately

VirtueMart Credit Card Number Not Found? Fix It Immediately

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they did not find their Virtuemart credit card number.

    Ok, I do have this issue, when in Internet Explorer and the customer selects Paypal as a payment method, specifically a credit card as a card, it doesn’t reconfigure, when the user selects “continue as a replacement”, it reverts to the web -message and says “Error: credit card number not found!” if no credit card is selected

    ep! any help would be good! :)


    I have exactly the same error. I have two payment methods in my account. Credit cards (must be entered on the specifications page) and Paypal. The customer decides what he wants to charge with the toggle and clicks “Next”. However, if the customer then clicks after selecting PayPal, an error is displayed: Credit Number My card was not received instead of being redirected to PayPal, and the option to pay by credit card was selected, not PayPal

    We would really appreciate any help.


    virtuemart credit card number not found

    I’ve tested with Chrome and Firefox IE9 and the issue mostly only occurs with IE8. All other web browsers work.

    We would appreciate any help in solving such problems


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  • I have the above problem. I’ve only run into this with IE 8, it doesn’t happen with Firefox or Chrome.

    My clients said they were very confused.


    I figured out exactly where thet error.

    On this particular payment method selection page, there is literally the following JavaScript code:

     window.addEvent("click", function() 





    Basically ie8 doesn’t get no updating the value to 6. I suspect that the tested mootools method works a little differently in IE8 than it does in other browsers. Since I only have

    one payment method, my useful workaround was to set the value to only “2” in the file: componentscom_virtuemartthemesdefaulttemplatescheckoutget_payment_method_paypal_ex.tpl.php

    Relevant line change:


    Hope value=”2″ allows! Please let me know if you can find the JS bug.

    Well done Paul!



    It turns out I was hoping this thread would help solve my problem, but that did not happen.

    Let me explain as clearly as possible:

    Let me first say that everything is used as it should be in all Internet Explorer EXCEPT Internet Explorer (IE)

    Here is my problem with IE

    I’m using the PayPal API. I have 2 payment options.

    1. pay pal – where I am asked to offer top payment for the product

    2. credit using PayPal API – where I put all the credit card information and process it using the PayPal API in the background

    Right now, and if I use my personal credit card settings and enter all credit information, it works!

    virtuemart credit card number not found

    However, when I select “Pay Pal” and then “Continue”, I get “Error: Credit card selection not found” as if I accessed the wrong credit card

    And do

    Open the get_payment_method_paypal_ex.tpl.php file located at [JOOMLA_HOME]/components/com_virtuemartthemesdefaulttemplatescheckout

    Find this code:

    and change to this

    The PayPal option works better then, BUT now when I enter my credit card information and click on it,Instead of being redirected to the card confirmation page with financial information in the marketplace, I am instead redirected to PayPal, as if I had clicked the PayPal – Radio Button Option.

    IE doesn’t seem to be able to determine which music button someone is pressing. it does one or the other of your channels.

    Please help me solve the problem. The internet is alive and it drives me crazy.



    Your best solution worked for me. You save a life, thank you!

    For everyone else… if you develop the code further: REMEMBER your friendly recycle bin, clear your cookies and cache, but try again.

    Code: [Select]


    code: type=”hidden” name=”payment_method_ppex” value=”2″ />


    Okay, it looks like some people have found solutions that many people are working on. So I don’t haveHow many. I am using J1.5.23 and VM1.1.9. Nothing I’ve heard can fix the dreaded error “Error: Credit card number less than found!” Stop. and still works with almost every other feature. I just want to use paypal to get some money back. I also need Paypal if you want to process a credit card without an associated Paypal account (but that’s another topic). Someone should flag this as a bug and work on fixing it. If you are looking for volunteers let me know, but this needs to be fixed recently to be able to use Virtuemart. I can’t be the only one with this problem.
    Thank you,



    I get the same error too

    Error: payment often fails due to an invalid credit card of excellent quality

    Error: Payment processing error (ps_paypal_api)

    In the Virtumart Young API payment method, I checked which experts specify the method for the sandbox, for exampleReal Paypal, but not for your luck.

    Please help me solve this problem. I am using Joomla 1.5.23 and Virtuemart 1.1.9

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