Fixed Return Code 16550 Ftp

Fixed Return Code 16550 Ftp

If you have a 16550 ftp return code on your system, this blog post should help you resolve this issue.

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    For example, the default FTP return range code 16550 is 16. The GET command failed.

    [“Business Unit”:”code”:null,”label”:null,”Product”:”code”:”SG19O”,”label”:”APAR – MVS Environment”,”Component”:””,” ARM Category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”label”:”Platform”,”Independent”],”Version”:”134″,”Edition”:””,”Line to Business”: “code”:””,”label”:””,”Business Unit”:”code”:”BU054″,”label”:”Systems with/TPS”,”Product”:”code “: “SG19M” ,”label”:”APAR – z/OS environment”,”Component”:””,”ARM category”:[],”Platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”label “: “Platform Independent”]”,”Version”:”134″,”Release”:””,”Branch”:”code”:””,”label”:””]

    APAR Status

  • Closed Due To Computer Error.

  • Error Description

    What is FTP response?

    The 220 code was sent in response to a new and innovative user connection to an FTP hosting server to indicate that the server is often ready for a new client. It can also be sent as a result of a REIN command, which should reset the connection before the client first connects.hooked up to the server.

  • The IZUD01DU job requires FTP to send a DFDSS dump. endsWork with RC12. The output might show:EZA1736I SITE FILE TYPE=JES fromEZA1736I JESLRECL=80then GET 'MVS.ZOSMF.SWDEPL.CNTL'+EZA1736I 'MVS.ZOSMF.SWDEPL.Ending Sysout'(replacewith whom550 Data table 'MVS.ZOSMF.SWDEPL.CNTL' not foundEZA1735I Default return code = 16550, error code is implied >>>EXIT 00002eza1701i.When deploying z/OSMF software, you need toWe can add NOJESGETBYDSN.Options for the FTP subcommand FILETYPE=JES. If the FTP serverSo jesgetbydsn=false, the FTP job should make a career out of it. If on FTPServer has JESGETBYDSN=TRUE, available FTP GET will fail as above.ADDITIONAL KEYWORDS:msgEZA1736I RC16550 msgEZA1735I EC00002
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  • Add the NOJESGETBYDSN client option and look again.  SITE FILE TYPE=JES JESLRECL=80 NOJESGETBYDSN

    Short Description Of The Problem

  • ************************************************** ****** *** *************************** AFFECTED USERS: all users due to z/OSMF software deployment ** The task that attempts to perform remote deployment. ******************************************************** *******************************ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Z/OSMF Software FTP Deployment Phase** ends with RC12 due to registration error ** find. ******************************************************** ******************************* RECOMMENDATION: Apply the supplied PTFs. ******************************************************** ******************************z/OSMF Software Deployment creates various jobs that, if theycelebrate the release of the software. workingThey generated simply by defining and running datasets on the target system.niche system.However, if you are doing a remote installation (deployment viasystem limits) generated startup tasks are the only exceptionand should run in the original configuration. This is achieved throughUsing FTP to communicate with JES on the source system to submitdump job to get job output column to targetSystem. Specifically, a certain FTP command says SITE FILETYPE=JESSending FTP Client and Server Jobs to a Remote Systemoperations. GET statement sends a job to run on FTPThe server (source system) returns the result of the job. EGETBIDSNThe easiest way to determine the FTP server zone is GETthe process must be processed. If the FTP server hasJESGETBYDSN=FALSE (default), then the job is given andIts output is retrieved for all clients and generated work.should do the trick as expected.But if the FTP forum says JESGETBYDSN=TRUE, then FTPtrying to get the contents of the JES spooled file withoutspecified task, and yourFTP will fail with550 Data definition ‘MVS.ZOSMF.SWDEPL.CNTL’ not found std.EZA1735I return code – 16550, error code = 00002.
  • Closing The Issue

  • In V1R13, the task of deploying z/OSMF software continued to change.Add the NOJESGETBYDSN option to SITE FILETYPE=JES FTP.Order the generated FTP step.
  • Workaround

  • Comments

  • APAR Information

  • The

    APAR Is Passed In One Or More Of The Following Ways:

  • The

    APAR Is Redirected By The System To One Or More Of The Following Devices:

    What are the FTP reply codes for z/OS Communications Server?

    All responses from the FTP server begin with a three-digit number. All response codes used by the z/OS® FTP server are listed in z/OS Communications Server: IP and SNA Codes. See RFC 959 and RFC 1123 for a general description of FTP response codes. See Related Method Specifications for more information about accessing RFCs.


  • Modules/Macros

  • Correct Information

  • Permanent Name

    return code 16550 ftp

    Z/OSMF DEPLYMNT Component

  • Fixed Component ID

    return code 16550 ftp


  • Applicable Component Levels

  • R134 PSY UK90747

    What is the code for a successful FTP login?

    230 – This status code is displayed as soon as the client sends the correct security password. This means that the user has successfully logged in. 331 – You see this status code after the client has submitted a username. The same status code is displayed whether or not the username actually provided matches a valid account on the system.

    UP13/01/13P F301

  • Correction Available

  • Choose The Appropriate PTF That Matches The Level Of Your Component.It Will Be Important For You To Let Me Know. All Physical DistributionMultimedia Accessbut Not In All Countries.

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