How Do I Troubleshoot The Outlook 2003 Mail Icon On The Taskbar?

How Do I Troubleshoot The Outlook 2003 Mail Icon On The Taskbar?

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    You may encounter an error when the Outlook 2003 mail icon is displayed on the taskbar. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will talk about them soon.

    No Delicate things can also be a major discomfort; is missing, as is the new mail envelope in the notification area (on the taskbar).

    This guide explains when you can expect a good envelope and what to do if you don’t see one.

  • When is the real envelope due?
  • Make sure the function is selected.
  • Make sure the cover art is not hidden in the notification area.
  • When Do You Think The Envelope Will Appear?

    How do I get the Mail icon back in Outlook?

    In Outlook, click the Tools menu and select Options. Under Settings, click on Mail Options, in this case, click on Advanced Mail Options. Check the “Show envelope icon in notification area” box to restore the icon.

    When? buttonDisplays an envelope for promotions that are sent to the inbox by default for each account. If a message type is caught by a spam filter or moved according to a reasonable rule, the envelope icon will not appear. Also, the icon is not displayed only for additional mailboxes configured from the same Exchange account.

    In the case of manual send/receive actions, the first send/receive action after invoking Outlook, the envelope, is often not displayed either.

    If someone wants to receive new email notifications for For voicemail messages that have been moved by a rule, you can create a new email notification rule.

    Make Sure The Selection Is Still Selected

    How do I get Mail icon on taskbar?

    To return the Mail icon to the taskbar, right-click the Mail program on the Start menu and choose More > Pin to taskbar. To add a desktop shortcut, close all windows and open the Start menu, drag the Mail icon from the Start menu list to the PC desktop.

    If you don’t see the envelope header when you predicted it, first check if that particular option is still enabled;

    • File->Options->Post Departments->Setting Group: Inbox->Path to: Show an envelope icon on each of our taskbars
    outlook 2003 mail icon in system tray

    Inactive and unused icons in the user’s notification area are automatically hidden very quickly.

    To show hidden icons, expand the notification area to show unused icons, or set the notification area to actually display the cover art.

    Windows 7
    Many users use it to customize the notification area icon in Windows;

    1. Start->Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Taskbar and Start Menu->Customize… button
    2. Find the main shell, click the drop-down menu and set from “Show notifications only” to “Show”Call icon associated with notifications”
    3. Click OK twice to close our own open windows.

    Windows 8
    To customize the notification area icon in Windows 8, use ;

    1. Right-click the Start menu button -> Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Taskbar and Navigation -> Customize Button…
    2. Find the cover art, click on the quantity drop-down menu and set its value from “Show only in notifications” to “Show icon as well as notifications”
    3. Double-click OK next to windows that require special attention.

    Windows 10
    To customize the theme icon for notifications in Windows 10, use:

    1. Start->Settings->Personalization->Taskbar->Select which icons will be displayed on the taskbar
    2. Look for an entry in Microsoft Outlook with a cover icon.A
    3. Click the “Disabled” button to toggle it to “Enabled” to stop automatic icon placement.

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  • Customize the taskbar so that new email envelopes are most often displayed here in the notification areaj.

    How do I get the Outlook icon on my taskbar?

    You can pin Outlook to the taskbar with First Best Outlook. When the application becomes available, you will see its icon on the desktop taskbar. From there, I right-click the Outlook icon on that taskbar and select “Pin to Recent Taskbar”.

    A common reason for this setting to be disabled is that you recently right-clicked the envelope icon in the notification area and then did the following: Hide Envelope.

    The correct way to temporarily hide the envelope is to point to a read message in Or Outlook, select a previously found message, and press CTRL+ENTER

    Where is the Mail icon in Outlook?

    In the Outlook Options dialog box, click Mail. In the right pane, under Inbox, check the box next to “Show high performance pocket envelope icon on taskbar” and click OK.

    Right-clicking to hide the envelope disables this option completely.

    The envelope icon will also appear in the Outlook header itself, unless you have configured a separate Windows taskbar to display small icons. This works regardless of the notification area setting.

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