FIX: How To Configure Alerts In Windows Server 2003

FIX: How To Configure Alerts In Windows Server 2003

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    This guide is designed to help you when you receive an error message related to the warning configuration in Windows Server 2003. A performance diary is actually a great tool used by employees and managers to document company performance throughout the year. It can also be used to send events that require attention and/or improvement. For managers, this information is most useful for creating a detailed estimate.

    This article describes how to set up low disk space alerts using the performance logs and alerts feature.


    This walkthrough describes how to create and configure a low disk space alert, most commonly using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 performance logs and alerts.

    Create A System Monitor Alert To Track Free Disk Space

    Can you still use Windows Server 2003?

    Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows Server 2003 operating system for spyware and other malware.

    1. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, then click Performance.

    2. Expand performance logs and alerts.

    3. Right-click Alerts, then select Alert me for new settings.

    4. In the ‘New notification settings’ field, specify a new type of notification (for ‘Situation’, ‘Free disk space’) and click ‘OK’.

      The AlertName dialog box will appear, allowing you to configure options for each alert you create.

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    Click the General tab, then in the Comment Type field, click Monitor Free Space on Logical Diskke.

    Configure Notifications

    1. Click Add to open the Add Counter dialog.

    2. How do I setup a low disk space alert?

      Click Start, select Administrative Tools, and then click Performance.Expand Performance Logs and Alerts.Right-click Alerts and select New Alert Options.In the Parameters of the new notification field, enter the name of our new notification (for example, Free space), then click OK.

      Click Disabled Counters and select Laptop, then select your computer from the list.

    3. In the Performance Object field, select LogicalDisk.Select

    4. Also click “Counters” in the list, then click “% free space”.

    5. Click “Select interfaces from a list”, then click the logical drive or volume you want to monitor.

    6. Click Add if you want to add a counter, then click Close.

    7. how to set up alerts in windows server 2003

      In the “Warn if there is love” field, click “Under”, then enter the desired value in the “Limit” field. To practice, enter 1000 to trigger an alert when disk space drops below 1 megabyte (MB).

    8. Accept the default value of 5 seconds in the sample data interval, or enter the desired value.

    9. Click Apply.

    10. Click the “Action” tab, then specify the arousal or action you want to take when it appears Other warnings, for example:

    11. If you want the Performance Logs and Notifications service to create a durable entry in the Event Viewer application log when a notification is triggered, select the Log a reliable entry in the application event signal check box.
    12. If you want the Performance Logs and Notifications service to initialize the messaging service to send good messages, click the Send Network Message package to test it, and then enter an available IP address or computer name. The warning should always be displayed.
    13. To start the counter log when an appropriate alert occurs, select the checkbox next to the Literal Start performance data log field, and then specify the counter log you want to start.
    14. To speed up a command or program when a useful warning click appears, frequently check the Run this program box, and then enter the file path and name of the program you want to run. Or click “Browse” to purchase the file.
    15. how to set up alerts in windows server 2003

      WhenIn the event of a warning, manufacturers use the process and run the described batch file. The service also forged any command line arguments you provided on the command line used to run the file. Click Command Line Arguments, then check the appropriate boxes to include the arguments the client wants to implement when running their program.

    16. Click “Apply”.

    17. Click on the “Schedule” navigation bar, then specify scan options from start to finish as follows:

      1. In the Start Scan section, do one of the following:

      2. Click Manual if owners want to manually trigger hover. After selecting this option, right-click on some of the alerts in the right pane, and then click “Start” to continue scanning.
      3. At the start of the current scan, also click Date, then enter the desired effort and date.
      4. In the End Scan section, do one of the following:

      5. Press Manual if you want to stopEnable manual scanning. After selecting this option once, right-click on the icon in the right pane and select “Stop” to stop the actual scan.
      6. Click “After” to stop native scanning after the specified time period and then see the desired time interval.
      7. Press “B” to stop scanning to search at a specific time and date, then specify the desired time and day.
      8. If you want to start a new scan after a specific alert has been scanned, click After, then click General > Start New Scan.

    18. Click OK.


    After following the procedures in this article, monitoring will begin at the dog’s scheduled time and send alerts when the threshold is reached and exceeded. However, Alert never restarts automatically every time most users restart their computer. To force a restart of this particular alert immediately afterBefore restarting the computer or when logging out and logging back in, do the following:

    1. Click Start, select Administrative Tools, then click Performance.
    2. Expand performance logs and alerts
    3. Click on notifications
    4. In the True field, right-click the alert generated by the Family and select Properties.
    5. Now click on the Schedule tab.
    6. In the Stop Scanning section, click After (if not currently selected), and then set this value to a high number of days.

    The maximum is 100,000.7. Strictly tick the “Start a new analysis” box.8. Click OK. The notification persists even after a reboot, otherwise log out and log back in.

    How do I run a performance monitor in Windows Server 2003?

    Disable many screensavers running on the server.Stop any services that may be unnecessary.Increase the size of this swap file to the total amount of RAM plus 100 MB.

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